Welcome to Sugar Spoon Bake Shop!

We are a bakery that specializes in classic homemade baked goods and sweets.

Owner Loredana Froio has a huge passion for baking and has been creating delicious baked goods and pastries for family and friends all of her life. Loredana says she has always had an old soul and loves making classic, old fashioned recipes as well as Italian recipes she has learned growing up with her mother and grandmother who also love to bake. At Sugar Spoon Bake Shop, you will be able to find an everyday menu that consists of handmade classic desserts and bakes such as Scones, Old-fashioned banana pudding, Cinnamon buns, and Italian favourites such as Tiramisu and Cannoli. Owner Loredana has always had a huge love for New York and had the idea to form a trendy New-York style bakery that sold scratch-made items that customers can be sure to find fresh and delicious. She wanted to have a set menu of items that she found were the most popular among people and consist of the type of baked goods that people “crave” such as brownies, cheesecake, and warm cinnamon buns! On top of the everyday menu, Sugar Spoon Bake Shop has a very extensive array of  baked goods which customers may place orders for via phone, email, or facebook message. Check out their complete menu and gallery of photos on their website to choose items for your next special order!

At Sugar Spoon, you can stop in and grab a quick treat to satisfy a sweet tooth after a long day of work or grab a box of delectable baked goods to bring to a dinner party or family gathering. We can accommodate large parties and gatherings as well with assorted trays of desserts.

At Sugar Spoon Bake shop, our goal is to provide delicious desserts that are made with love and care.

-See you soon!